Safety of nuclear facilities & Environmental impacts

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Aergon provides expertise on nuclear facilities / processes and their environmental impacts.




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aergonpuce Our skills

Nuclear safety

  • Safety analysis for nuclear facilities
  • Nuclear Safety report editing and review
  • Fire and explosion risk analysis
  • Crisis management tool design
  • Decommissioning and dismantling studies

Health & Safety

  • H&S report editing, accident prevention, security of workers
  • Protection and accounting of nuclear material

Radiation Protection – Criticality

  • Calculations (MCNP, TRIPOLI, MERCURAD)
  • ALARA studies and radiological zone analysis

Environmental Impacts

  • Computer code development for dosimetric consequences of radioactive releases
  • Radiological and dosimetric environmental impact analysis and calculations
  • Predictive calculations of accidental conditions
  • Regulatory reports (radioactive effluents discharge authorization, waste studies...)


aergonpuce What makes us different

  • Good knowledge of approval processes and of safety authorities expectations
  • Documents thorough cross-examination ensuring high quality deliverables
  • Small business with high responsiveness
  • Strong client satisfaction


aergonpuce Our services

Design and commissioning of a facility

  • Safety of facilities
    • Safety options studies
    • Radiological zone analysis and predictive dose calculations
    • Preliminary safety reports editing and assessment
    • H&S reports
  • Environnement Impacts
    • Predictive calculations of radioactive discharge
    • Justification report for water debit collection and radioactive effluents discharge authorization

Facility operation & Safety reassessment

  • Safety of facilities
    • Safety reports update
    • Fire and explosion risk studies
    • Safety analysis
    • Safety assessment of facilities
    • Radiation Protection improvement
    • Radiation Protection & Criticality calculations
    • Health & Safety management documents
  • Environnement Impacts
    • Study and modelling of radionuclides transfer in the environment
    • Computer code development for dosimetric consequences of radioactive releases (including tritium)
    • Facilities environmental studies
    • Regulatory assessment
    • Data analysis of chemical and radiological monitoring on nuclear facilities

Crisis management

  • Safety of facilities
    • Crisis management documents editing
    • Crisis management assistanceDose calculation applied to criticality accidents
  • Environnement Impacts
    • Studies of radiological consequences during and after accidents
    • Computer code development for dosimetric consequences of radioactive releases during accidental conditions


  • Safety of facilities
    • Dismantling studies
    • Safety assessment of dismantling programs
    • Radiation protection assistance (e.g. Chernobyl New Safe Confinement)
  • Environnement Impacts
    • Radiological impact of facilities during or after their dismantlement (e.g. decommissioned uranium mines)
    • Analysis of the radioactive waste packages flow from storage facilities to permanent disposal facility

aergonpuce Our clients

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